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GameStop: A Battle Between Wall Street and Main Street

There is a very visible battle happening between traditional Wall Street Mega Hedge Funds and individual internet investors. While there have been battles between bulls and bears in the market before, never has the line been so clearly drawn between the long amateur investors and institutional short sellers.

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Admiring Tesla From Afar

As the most talked about stock this year, Tesla ($TSLA), has generated an astounding 677% return throughout 2020! If the stock did not proceed with its 5:1 split, it’d be trading at $3,200 today!

There some considerations that should be mentioned before retail investors continue to pump money into the stock.

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The Surprising Ways Big Tech Spies on You

Many of the companies dubbed ‘Big Tech’- Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, are constantly in the news due to their privacy and data policies. These companies are now under fire from advocacy groups and policy makers alike for not doing enough to protect their users’ data. This is a fact that many of us have not only accepted, but actively joke about.

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