Thinking Mortgages in 2021? Think Twice

2021 has started in America with many norms being pushed to unexpected levels, one of which is the Homeownership Rate. Before jumping into a 30 year, fixed-rate mortgage, check out our analysis!

GameStop: A Battle Between Wall Street and Main Street

There is a very visible battle happening between traditional Wall Street Mega Hedge Funds and individual internet investors. While there have been battles between bulls and bears in the market before, never has the line been so clearly drawn between the long amateur investors and institutional short sellers.


Creating a Website: Looking Back on the First 3 Months

When Joe and I decided to create a website 3 months ago, we did plenty of brainstorming and planning in order to be as efficient with the launch as possible. However, there were many things learned in these short 3 months that are good to think back on.

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