If you have any kind of interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, you likely have heard of NFTs. In fact, many non-typical companies and celebrities are picking up on the NFT craze. Investors and speculators on NFTs are making unheard of profits, even if the general public does not fully understand the space yet.

We have written a few other articles on NFTs before (find them both here), however in this post we are going to cover a few of our favorite projects to watch for the first month of 2022.


One of the most exciting projects is the Minecraft powered NFTWorlds ecosystem. Found in their documentation, NFTWorlds is a “a fully decentralized, fully customizable, community driven, play to earn gaming ecosystem where world owners can create limitless in-game experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds.”

Essentially, NFTWorlds allows for Minecraft players and builders to create NFTs based on their creations within the game of Minecraft. This type of play-to-earn gaming is not new to NFTs; other projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox have been established for some time now. However, what makes NFTWorlds unique is that it is built on the backbone of Minecraft, an all ready wildly popular game available on nearly every gaming system.

What makes NFTWorlds different than typical Minecraft servers is the opportunity to earn $WRLD Tokens. $WRLD is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum that is used when you play in an NFTWorld.

Essentially, $WRLD is the currency players in NFTWorlds use to play the game (think of using tokens in an arcade machine), however they also have the opportunity to earn $WRLD tokens.

NFTWorlds is brand new, launching only last month. This is a project that has enormous potential due to the team behind it and the concept itself.

Little Lemon Friends

On the surface, Little Lemon Friends looks like another NFT project where investors can “adopt” cute pictures of little lemon guys, with a variety of different clothes and traits. However, when digging further into the roadmap and community, there is more than meets the eye with these little lemon guys.

The roadmap is already pretty expansive for this project. One of the largest opportunities is the collaborations with other projects. In just the past week it was announced Little Lemon Friends will be collaborating with both Cool Cats and Wonderpals.

Little Lemon Friends Roadmap

Past that, however, there are planned future mints, particularly of “Pixels”. If Pixels are as popular as the original Lemon Friends mint, getting in early will be very advantageous.

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