Revamping a Website

When Four Eyes was first thought of in early 2020, we didn’t really know what we wanted to write about. Did we want to create a website to drive traffic to an affiliates for compensation? Did we want to build a brand that readers will come to trust for financial resources? Essentially, we went in with no goals or real mission in mind, shooting from the hip.

Fast forward to over a year and a half later, with over 30 articles published (granted with a large hiatus since the last publishing), we are back, but this time far more prepared than before.

What’s in a Website?

Creating a website, one as simple as a finance blog, is a deceptively complicated task. I have already outlined much of what we learned in this previous article, however to recap some of the biggest challenges:

  • Deciding what website builder to use (WordPress, Wix, etc)
  • Figuring out what the hell a hosting service is and how it works
  • Building the actual website and later continually troubleshooting
  • Realizing analytics plugins often give you faulty data that means nothing
  • Integrating a social media strategy
  • Everything about SEO

That all being said, we were steadily increasing viewership with each article as long as we stayed consistent. One of the most challenging parts of our old strategy is frankly we lost interest in writing about some of the more trending keywords.

For example, everyone wants to know about the best stocks to invest in, what are the best cryptocurrencies, or what credit cards are going to give them the best rewards. When we first started, this is what we would write about. While it was related to the keywords that were trending, there were two issues: 1) we were a goldfish in an ocean of content and 2) it was not the most engaging content to write.

Four Eyes Finance was created to give alternative perspectives to mainstream ideas, however SEO and keyword strategy works by catering to mainstream ideas. For businesses it works wonders, however for Four Eyes Finance it was not engaging.

True Alternative Perspectives

That brings us to today- December 2021. It has been nearly 6 months since the last article was written, but we are back with a new strategy.

Write what we want to write about.

No following trends for traffic.

Offer ideas that go against the grain, even if they are wildly unpopular.

This is not going to just be limited to current events, either. While the hottest takes are often around politics and pop culture, this is still a finance blog. Expect commentary on the financial markets, trading strategies that may or may not be working, as well as other (hopefully) educational resources.

Frankly, the new strategy is a lot less structured than the previous plan. But that makes it more exciting.