Four Eyes Finance: Money from a New Perspective

Four Eyes Finance is a new collaboration between Tyler Scott and Joe Kennedy. After graduating from the same finance class at Marquette University, Tyler and Joe realized that the perspective offered by finance “journalists” was often off-point and clearly biased. Four Eyes Finance hopes to educate and inform readers about different and alternative perspectives of modern finance- perspectives that you would never find on CNBC or WSJ.

Tyler Scott

Tyler Scott is a young finance professional based out of New York. Starting his career at Bank of America, Tyler has always been interested in current events, entrepreneurship and all things finance. Since graduating from Marquette University, Tyler has been able to leverage his experience to help grow a fintech startup, create a small business finance course, and help family and friends make better investment decisions. 

Tyler has just finished writing his first ebook, Pick Winning Stocks in 5 Steps, which is available now! In this book, Tyler lays out the 5 rules he follows in order to generate alpha on his many investments.

Outside of finance, Tyler enjoys coding, fitness, and checking out the newest brewery in NYC.

tyler scott

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy is an Investment Banking Analyst turned Field Artillery Officer in The United States Army. After completing ROTC and the finance program at Marquette University, Joe worked at Société Générale in New York City. One year later Joe came down on orders to serve on active duty at Fort Hood, Texas for the next four years.

Joe spends as much time as he can during the day managing an equity/options portfolio, criticizing financial media, and exploring innovative investment products. 

When away from work, you can find Joe watching English Premier League Soccer, or Formula 1 Racing, if he’s not at a CrossFit gym.

joe kennedy
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