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Four Eyes Finance seeks to examine the mainstream media narrative and peel back the next layer that often goes unquestioned. In a society that continually projects biased narratives and politically correct opinions, Four Eyes Finances remains indifferent in highlighting ‘The Truth’ in all spheres of finance. The world continues to evolve at a rapid pace with endless investment vehicles and channels of information; do not always accept what you consume at face value…

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Coronavirus Stimulus: Democracy or Oligarchy?

After months of debate and arguing, Congress has finally agreed to vote on another Coronavirus stimulus bill. In this relief package. The bill is extremely dense- but what does it truly contain?


Admiring Tesla From Afar

As the most talked about stock this year, Tesla ($TSLA), has generated an astounding 677% return throughout 2020! If the stock did not proceed with its 5:1 split, it’d be trading at $3,200 today!

There some considerations that should be mentioned before retail investors continue to pump money into the stock.


The Only 3 Cryptocurrencies You Need

While the massive bull run seems to be over, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have proven that they are not going anywhere. Investing in crypto has never been easier – however there are nearly endless options to invest in. Which ones offer the highest returns? Which ones are scams and should be avoided?

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