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2020 has been a monumental year for finance: interest rates have fallen to 0%, Bitcoin has reached all time highs, and there has been an unprecedented flow of retail investors joining the market! If you’re like one of the many new Robinhood users who have thrown their “Trump Bucks” into a brokerage account, there’s a good chance you’ve sought out the Best Investing Blogs for advice.

As you look for resources that will lead you to the next, best investment, you’re immediately flooded with infinite links and opinions.

Who is a credible source? Who is suggesting names with their own interests in mind? Why does Jim Cramer pick the names he does?

Imagine you are Jim Cramer, and you are friends with Mary Barra; are you going to go trash General Motors ($GM) on television? PROBABLY NOT!

With that, we’re going to define what “investing” means and how you should sift through the web of endless ideas.

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Investing: What Really is it?

At face value, investing is simple; buy the S&P and you’ll earn 10% per year since stocks only go up, right?

NASDAQ performance over the last three years!
NASDAQ performance over the last three years

That definitely is one strategy, but there are endless variables to consider as you develop your “investment” style:

  • How old are you?
  • When do you need your money back?
  • What is your risk tolerance?
  • How much money are you willing to invest with?
  • How often can you monitor the markets?
  • Why are you investing?

Average American Bob, who is 50 with two kids in college, is going to have a totally different mentality than Tyler, a 25-year-old barista living in his mom’s basement.

Every person’s life situation will influence their investment strategies in different ways.

*If you’re working on handling your budget before you get into investments, check out our personal budget template HERE!

Psychology Behind the Money

Another caveat most fail to acknowledge is their “why.”

Are you buying risky, volatile crypto options in anticipation of 100x your money so you can buy a BMW?

Are you fixed on a certain amount you want to make? $50,000? $250,000? $1,000,000?

Maybe you’re saving for your son’s college fund.

Determining this “WHY” is crucial to your relationship with money and longevity of financial stability.

Answering these questions are going to drive your investment strategy, and ultimately, whoever you choose to learn from.

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Before we can get into the Best Investing Blogs of 2020, let’s discuss two examples quick.

Dave Ramsey

For the more conservative investor, Dave Ramsey is the industry-leader in providing financial advice.

Simply contribute 15% of your paycheck to a retirement account that’s split among four mutual funds: International, Growth and Income, Aggressive Growth, and Growth.[1]

Based on the fundamentals above, 50 years of work and contributions should yield over $1,000,000 in savings (without including social security)!

If this is the strategy you aspire to follow, look no further than Dave Ramsey!

John McAfee

On the opposite side of the investing spectrum, are speculative crypto investors, like John McAfee.

Plenty of young, savvy millennials think they understand certain blockchain technologies and place a “value” on their worth.

However, with most crypto currencies being such illiquid products, certain players in the market can influence the price (regardless of the underlying technology).

If you as feel comfortable, as an investor, gambling with such products, by all means go!

The Best Investing Blogs of 2020

Without further ado, below are the Best Investing Blogs for the appropriate risk tolerance to match!


It would be a disservice to FourEyesFinance not to mention Zerohedge at the top of our list.

Not only being the inspiration for this outlet, Zerohedge is the most mainstream, prominent news source that continually questions market dynamics.

Under the alias, Tyler Durden, Zerohedge does a phenomenal job of utilizing government resources to point out societal and market flaws that would not be discussed by Mainstream Media.

One of the top stories today, Can We Trust Mr. Market’s Booming Economic Outlook?[2] provides a succinct analysis of the current economy and a realistic outlook.

Like all news sources, you, as the reader, must digest the information presented and develop your own opinion on the topics presented.


For those more speculative, single-stock investors, TradingView has evolved into a unique platform of charting and blogging.

Users present “Ideas” associated with nearly any investment vehicle (Stocks, FX, Crypto, Etc.) and other users can critique their outlook.

As opposed to Dave Ramsey’s philosophy, TradingView enables those with creative minds to analyze and present investment ideas in a community with other investors.

Disclaimer: anyone can create an account and present charts. With that, take a deeper dive into the accounts of the other users and see how long they’ve been on TradingView, the number of followers they have, and what other Tickers they analyze.

With a bit of knowledge to build off of, TradingView is a fantastic platform for generating investment ideas and working on your own charting.

Hidden Pivots

Similar to TradingView, there are a plethora of freelancers offering their services through private Twitter feeds.

One of the most prominent is, Hidden Pivots.

By providing charts with trends and indicators, Hidden Pivots sparks recommendations from technical indicators! Like all investing bloggers, there is a big difference between reading the information and digesting the information.

Therefore, make sure you analyze Hidden Pivot’s suggestions before trading.

Sang Lucci

Last but not least, this post could not be finished without mentioning one of the options trading legends: Sang Lucci, “Lucci.”

With over a decade of ups-and-downs, Lucci not only provides priceless lessons on “Tape Reading” but is one of the few in the industry to truly analyze trading psycology.

Like the questions posed above, why are you trading what you’re trading and what in your subconscious has lead you to that?

Lucci is fantastic at leading conversations that cause traders to dive into their emotions to answer questions that will ultimately yield better results in the market.

Best Investing Blogs?

Thankfully the word, “blog,” is all-encompassing because the Best Investing Blogs of 2020 range from Twitter accounts to traditional web blogs.

The key to finding the investing blog that fits your need is determining what your goal is and what’s driving that.

Failure to answer those questions are going to lead to constant discontent and ultimately losing investments.

As 2020 comes to a close, take some time to review what you’ve been doing with your investments and reposition yourself to succeed in 2021!


  1. Dave Ramsey. “How to Invest in Right Mix Mutual Funds
  2. Zerohedge. “Can We Trust Mr. Market’s Booming Economic Outlook?

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